Welcome to Orchestructure

We're a group of DevOps Engineers, SRE, Sysadmins, Developers and tinkerers on a mission to learn, share, and inspire everyone. Come visit our monthly meetups and see what all the fuss is about.

Code of Conduct

Who We Are

Representing the Orchestration of Infrastructure, our meetup group is for anyone interested in building, managing, and orchestrating modern infrastructure systems. We'll talk about everything from containers to cloud including topics around clusters, networking, storage, load balancing, and more! We're based out of Ann Arbor, Michigan and open to all!

The Team

Whether CNCF Ambassadors, Kubernetes Contributors, Conference Organizers, or just LAN Party nerds, our team is continually involved with furthering both the local tech community and those abroad. While we facilitate the Orchestructure experience, our members influence and drive everything we do.

Friends of Orchestructure

These are organizations that sponsor or aid Orchestructure and adjacent communities around us!

Contact Us

Feel free to reach out about anything including speaking, sponsoring, partnering, or just to say hi!